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Firework Videos and Categories: Sort of Like Fireworks

Tannerite M-25 100 Shot

A Pyrotechnic Look at Pull Start Fire

Phantom Floating Streamers


Gasoline Fire Ball Mortars

Parachute Rocket Flare
(A closer look)

Expired Smoke Cans

Articles of Pyrotechnics
(First Look)

(Articles of Pyrotechnics )

(Articles of Pyrotechnics)

Canon Simulator
(Article of Pyrotechnic)

Parachute Rocket
Flare at Night

Modular Wipe Cake
(Article of Pyrotechnics)

Pyrotechnic Pistol..Bird Banger

Fireworks sort of..
Railroad Torpedo

Pyrotechnic pistol
Double Barrel Bird Banger

Parachute Rocket Flare review/firing

Antique Safety Flare 1939

Penn Circle High Rise Implosion part 1 of 2

Penn Circle High Rise Implosion part 2 of 2

Katie The Fire Dancer Interview

Armstrong Mixture
Friction Sensitive

Jake blasting rock

Exploding Target or Firecracker Kit

Wall of Fire..Pyrotechnic Effect

Distress Signal Flare
(Almost Fireworks)

Rick’s Gasoline Fireball




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