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Firework Videos and Categories: 1.3 Fireworks

Lynch Imports Salutes and Thunder Kings

Your Own Fireworks Magazine

Do Not Buy this Fireworks cake for $677.00

Big Al Thunder King Salute Cake

2 inch Salutes Fire Art


20 Fireworks in the
Air slow fast fuse

5 pound air salute

$6.30 Fireworks cake professional 1.3

20 fireworks in a new rack

100 shot gold palm tree fireworks

2.5 inch salutes and
fast fuse

Salute fuse tricks

100 shot thunder king
"The real deal"

100 shot red comets
to horse tails

12 Military Hammer
Shell & more

A Fireworks Cardboard Box

$130.00 fireworks cake...
"The Vince Special Cake"

Fireworks 6x4inch simultaneous break
one E-match

Fireworks Fun at
Open Shoot night

5 inch multi-break
shell explained

Fireworks Lance work 101

6 inch Thousand Flashing Salutes with Crackling Pistil

2 inch canister shell salute

Multi-Color Strobe Windbell

Hand Held Fogos

6 inch fireworks peanut shell

Reloading a 1.3 Five Inch Shell

Chelsie firing a six inch salute

100 Shot Salute Cake

Making a 1.3 Fireworks Purchase with Phil




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