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Articles of Pyrotechnics Certificate, Education Program

This continuing education certificate is ONLY accepted at the following fireworks distributors towards purchase of Pro-line products and/or Articles of Pyrotechnics.

American Wholesale Fireworks -

Little China / Nite Lites 270-879-9340 -

Badaboom Fireworks -

Kneppys Fireworks -

RKM Fireworks -

Casabella Pyrotechnics -

OC Fireworks -

Cost of the certificate program is $39.95 . The Articles of Pyrotechnic Certificate is good for a 2 year period.

Please allow up to 3 days for your fireworks firing system purchase to be verified (read below for details). You must be at least 18 years of age to participate.

How the certificate program works (Your fireworks firing system purchase must be verified)

When you checkout using PayPal select the fireworks firing system you currently own from the selection choices below. The name on your PayPal will be used to verify, with the distributors, your purchase in their database of their firing system. Once ownership of the system is verified, using the same email address from your PayPal, 3 online educational video links (90 minutes total) will be sent to you along with the certificate verifying your fireworks firing system and certificate of basic education in Articles of Pyrotechnics use with an electrical firing system. This certificate will meet the qualification requirement for purchase at the listed distributors only. Your certificate will be sent by email. Once you receive it, please print it and/or email it to your selected place of purchase.

Please Note:

  • These pyrotechnic items require knowledge beyond standard Consumer Fireworks and ownership of an electrical fireworks firing system. For example, a Cobra Firing System.
  • You must own one of the professional fireworks firing systems as noted on the PayPal choices. For example Cobra, FireTEK or FireLinx only. Every education certificate purchased the firing system is verified through the distributors database as proof of ownership. Must include at least one module and a remote.
  • The continuing educational video explains the basic setup and use of these items with electrical firing. It is not an all-inclusive education on pyrotechnics.
  • The certificate does not guarantee competency when using the product, you are responsible for obtaining additional educational material beyond this basic program if needed.
  • Once you complete the educational video and do not feel competent to purchase and use the product, do not proceed in using them. There is no refund once the videos and/or certificate are sent to you.
  • You will still be required to sign any documents required by the above distributors, and obey their policy of use, shipping, and purchase. 
  • Refer to your fireworks firing system owner’s manual for instructions on using your system.
  • Articles of Pyrotechnics are not 1.3 Display Fireworks.
  • Only the listed professional fireworks firing systems are currently part of this program.
  • Once you place your order, please monitor your Spam Folder in addition to your Inbox for receipt of the Articles of Pyrotechnic Certificate.


Now including a second training video. The additional 30 minute video covers setting up the new Articles of Pyrotechnics "Professional Use" cakes as part of an actual fireworks display. You get both education video links with each continuing education purchase.

Choose Your Fireworks Firing System:

Cobra Fireworks Firing System User $39.95 USD
FireTEK Fireworks Firing System User $39.95 USD
FireLinx Fireworks Firing System User $39.95 USD


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