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Get your license to purchase
1.3 fireworks. (DVD Package)

The DVD package is designed for the hobbyist that is not in business and is shooting 1.3 professional fireworks for his own enjoyment.

The two DVD package is $29.95 plus $3.75 to mail it anywhere in United States.

If you live in United States and want to purchase 1.3 professional fireworks you will need a license from the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms. I designed a two DVD disc tutorial that walks you through the process of obtaining a "User of Explosives(Fireworks)" license. It covers how to complete the application, what the ATF will ask you during the interview and how to prepare. How to work with people selling 1.3 fireworks and so forth. Once you obtain this license it will allow you to purchase professional fireworks in any state in United States.

Kit contains:

  • 2 DVD's
  • Complete ATF Application
  • Official ATF Fingerprint Card

If you want to purchase salutes, Thunder Kings and larger fireworks you will need this license.

> Free download 2012 BATF Orange Book


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